Sam Halpern
Director of Strategic Relations

Sam Halpern

Sam has been marketing and selling insurance on the Internet since January of 1999, gaining national prominence as an expert in travel insurance, international benefits and war risk insurance before transitioning focus to the senior market in 2004. Transferring lessons learned from online travel insurance, Sam developed innovative, first generation web-based tools and services throughout the 2000s for producers in the senior market to access and distribute high quality/high volume leads from vendors, associations and carriers, then quote and sell Medicare Supplement insurance, leveraging proprietary SMS technology comprising secure email, single-sign-on authentication, and various electronic signature methods in order to integrate with the then burgeoning electronic applications adopted by the leading national carriers.

Sam helped develop the industry's first electronic scope of appointment process, healthcare provider look up and Medicare Advantage network filter;  Rx import tool and Medicare Blue Button integration. These groundbreaking tools and services --  available exclusively via SMS’ proprietary lead management and sales platform Lead Advantage Pro -- helps agents “leverage their time, make more money and put their business in a position of distinction.” With the explosive growth of mobile devices and increased expectation by agents and Medicare beneficiaries that they have 24/7 online access to services, on multiple operating systems and browsers, devices. On a daily basis Sam leverages his deep relationships with SMS colleagues, life/health insurance carriers, agencies as well as insure-tech and health-tech vendors, to create value for SMS and its distribution partners by identifying and exploiting the cutting edge APIs, data and services that will help SMS maintain and extend its sales and technology leadership position in the senior market  as well its favored status among top producers and leading national insurers.

Sam was born and raised in South Orange, NJ. He attended high school in Concord, MA, attended college at the University of California at Santa Cruz and received his law degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. He currently lives in Milwaukee, WI, with his wife, Emma; three children, Riley, Henry and Lucy, father-in-law Charles and his dog, Jessie. Sam and his wife met while performing in a musical at Georgetown, so with a house full there’s always a lot of music and a decent amount of drama. During his off time, Sam stays active by skiing, sailing, snorkeling and playing ping pong or tennis. He loves traveling, learning and speaking foreign languages, drinking fine wines, and watching classic TV with his whole family.

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