Why Cybersecurity Matters

Cyber attacks on consumers and businesses disrupt lives, cost millions of dollars annually and harm a brand’s reputation and relationships with clients and partners. With the frequency of cyber incidents on the rise and the government increasingly regulating businesses to step up security measures, cyber security is quickly becoming a top priority for agents and agency owners. Staying on top of the ever-evolving regulatory environment and avoiding the severe consequences of a data breach should be part of any modern company’s risk mitigation, but especially those in the financial and health care sectors, which are among the most-targeted by hackers.

Resources for New York Agents

This document is designed to help agents understand their responsibilities under the NY Cybersecurity Rule and identify resources that can provide additional assistance to them in meeting their obligations under the Rule. It is also designed to be a general resource for agents in all states who want to develop sound policies and practices for information security.

New York Agent Guide to Cybersecurity

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions Regarding 23 NYCRR Part 500

Portal Instructions – Compliance Certification Department of Financial Services Secure Portal Compliance Certification Step by Step Instructions

Portal Instructions – Notice of Exemption Department of Financial Services Secure Portal Notice of Exemption Step by Step Instructions


Helpful Links

US-CERT Publications These documents can help you with everything from setting up your first computer to understanding the nuances of emerging threats.

Data Security Resources Security Resources


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