11 Questions Your Clients Ask About Long-Term Care

  • Originally published April 12, 2010 , last updated April 26, 2017
11 Questions Your Clients Ask About Long-Term Care

CNNMoney.com recently ran this article encouraging soon-to-be retirees to take emotion out of the equation when considering whether or not to buy long-term care insurance. Of course, as an agent, you may want to help a prospect consider the emotional factors associated with long-term care, particularly the emotional toll that caring for them would take on their family.

Nevertheless, it’s a good read because it offers 11 questions people should ask themselves when deciding whether or not to buy LTCi. These are the questions your clients are going to want answered before they buy.

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When considering whether to buy, they’re wondering:

1. How likely is it that I'll actually need expensive care?
2. If I decide not to buy insurance, how would my care be paid for?
3. Who needs insurance most?
4. How much does it cost?
5. When is the best time to buy?
6. How does health-care affect this?

Assuming you’ve answered all those questions and they’ve decided to buy, their next questions concern what to buy:

7. What services should my policy cover?
8. Do I need inflation protection?
9. How long should my coverage last?
10. What should I know about the insurer?
11. My agent wants to tack long-term care onto my life insurance or annuity. Does that make sense?

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