3 Scenarios Showing Juvenile Life Insurance Sales

  1. Do you have a parent looking for low cost life insurance for his child?
  2. Do you have a grandparent that would like to leave a legacy for her grandchild?
  3. Do you have a parent looking for a life insurance product that can accumulate cash value?

North American has great permanent protection plans for juveniles, from low cost, low face amount, to strong cash value accumulation. Let's take a look at what North American has to offer.

Scenario # 1: Low Cost

Let's say you have a client looking for a low-cost, small-face amount policy for their child. With as little as $15 per month, the parent can purchase life insurance with a face amount of $52,489 to run under current assumptions to age 120.

Custom TermGUL: Low-cost UL coverage with optional guarantees.

  • Low mortality charges
  • Low cost $1 at age 100 product
  • High potential cash value accumulation (current interest rate 6.00%1)
  • Conditionally guaranteed Interest Bonus in Years 11+2
  • Premium Guarantee Rider
  • Minimum face amount of $25,000
  • Issue ages 15 days — Age 85

Scenario #2: Leave a Legacy

How about a grandparent who wants to leave a legacy to her grandchild? With a single premium of $2,500, she can purchase life insurance of $25,000 that accumulates cash value, and provides an optional Guaranteed Insurability Rider. This rider provides the opportunity to purchase additional insurance later in life without evidence of insurability. The policy would run under current assumptions to age 120.

Custom GrowthCV - Cash value growth in a fixed UL

  • Designed to grow cash value in a fixed UL (current interest rate 6.00%)
  • Conditionally guaranteed Interest Bonus
  • 1% in years 11-20
  • 1.15% in years 21+
  • Conditionally guaranteed Premium Bonus years 11-15
  • Net zero cost loans on full loan value (yrs 6+)4
  • Waiver of Surrender Charge Option
  • Earn up to 95% regular writing agent compensation (L-2194)

Scenario #3: Cash Value Growth

What about a client who would like life insurance that builds cash value for his child? Once the child becomes an adult and takes over the policy, he or she can make the premium payments, and eventually use the accumulated cash value in retirement years. By age 65, the cash value would be over $1,270,000!

Builder IUL® — Indexed universal life insurance with potential for cash value growth

  • Issue ages 15 days — Age 80
  • Minimum Face $25,000
  • No Lapse Guarantee Period
  • 0-70 20 yrs
  • 71-80 10 yrs
  • Variable Loans
  • Paid-Up Protection Rider
  • Cash Value Accumulation Test (CVAT) or Guideline Premium Test (GPT)
  • Two-year rolling target

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