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Agents Learn and Share Ideas at Fourth Annual Sales Forum

More than 100 agents and advisors from all the over the country were in Omaha for the fourth annual Sales Forum held June 10 – 12, 2015.

SMS' VP of Medicare Solutions Shares Talking Points at National Conference

Dwane McFerrin, SMS' vice president of Medicare Solutions and chair of the NAHU Medicare Advisory Group, addressed the main assembly at this year's Capitol Conference in Washington, D.C.

Great News for California Agents

UnitedHealthcare announced that full commission rates will be paid in CA for certain AARP Med Supp plans due to the CA Open Enrollment "Birthday Rule."

Medicare Answers: Loss of Medicaid

An under-65 prospective client lost Medicaid. She does not like the MA plan she's on. Can she change to a Med Supp plan? 

Medicare Answers: Part D and Hospice Care

Do clients on hospice care need Part D prescription plans?

Are You Missing an Easy Cross-Sell Opportunity This AEP?

 Uncover two possible cross-sell opportunities from Medico by asking two simple questions at your Medicare appointments.

New Medicare Premiums and Deductibles for 2015

CMS has released the new Medicare premiums and deductibles that will take effect in 2015.

Mutual of Omaha e-App Voice Enhancements

The Mutual of Omaha e-App now allows for three methods of signing: electronic, voice and wet. 

Medicare Answers: When Switching Plans, Will Rx Coverage Restart With New Carrier or Continue With Old Carrier?

Medicare Answers: Would Rx coverage restart with a new carrier or continue from where it was with the old carrier if an MA plan is switched to a Med Supp plan? 

e-Apps Gaining Popularity

The percentage of Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement applications submitted by SMS agents jumped from 11 percent in January 2011 to 30 percent in January 2014.

Medicare Answers: Enrolling in Part B Without a Penalty?

This week’s Medicare Answers addresses whether a couple currently enrolled in Part A can enroll in Part B without having to pay a penalty.

Medicare Answers: Does a Retirement PPO Disqualify Client for Parts A and B?

This week’s Medicare Answers addresses eligibility for Plan A and B if a client keeps his retirement PPO plan.

Medicare Answers: Is There a Penalty for Client With HSA Plan Not Enrolling in Plan A at 65?

This week’s Medicare Answers addresses whether a person over 65 with a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan who does not take Part A would be penalized when later enrolling in Plan A or B.

Three Ways to Submit Business with Cigna

Cigna has three ways of submitting business, allowing you to write in any situation and making it easier than ever to do business with Cigna Supplemental Benefits.

SMS Is Seeking Bilingual Agents to Sell MA & Med Supp

Are you bilingual? SMS is seeking bilingual agents to sell Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement.