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2019 Sales Forum: Peter Shankman & Steve Phillips

Thank you for attending the 2019 Sales Forum. We hope you enjoyed your time in Omaha and left with some new ideas, products or processes that you can implement in your business.

SMS Insider July 10 2019

In this issue: Sales Forum 2019: A Wrap-Up; What is MACRA; Lead Generation Webinar Series; The SEC's New Best Interest Regulation; Lead Advantage® Is Going Away

Prospects From Your Local Area

The Internet has global reach. But where do you sell? Your best prospects are local. So, put your web presence to work bringing them to you.

Mutual of Omaha Broker Bonus Program

Make even more money on your Medicare supplement underwritten business with our 2022 Broker Bonus Program.

Humana Individual Dental and Vision Agent Plan Grid

Humana Individual Dental and Vision Agent Plan Grid

Understanding the SEC's New Best Interest Regulation and What's Ahead

Advisors and brokers making investment recommendations will soon face new federal disclosure and compliance requirements to act in their clients’ best interest, but insurance-only agents might also face new standards soon, too.

AEP Agent Central

Welcome to the SMS AEP Agent Central. We've collected all the tools, technology and resources you need to save time, eliminate mistakes and make more sales during the busy AEP.

Healthcare Begins Here Retail Program at Walmart Stores

This AEP you can partner with the world’s largest retailer to market your business.When you participate in the Healthcare Begins Here Retail Program you have the opportunity to meet potential clients in a high-traffic area at Walmart stores while representing the carriers of your choice.

SMS Insider June 05 2019

In this issue: Conducting Successful Lead-Generation Seminars; Participate in the 2019 AEP retail program; Learn how a classic annuity finds new success; Stop prospecting and start selling; Find out how to earn money with Travel Insurance Center®

Building a Successful Marketing Campaign

Consistent lead generation can help make your business more successful. Well planned and consistent lead generation is the backbone of any great marketing plan. 

SMS Insider May 01 2019

In this issue: What is MACRA; Design better retirements with Income ArchiTech; Participate in Walmart's Retail Program; 2019 Sales Forum; Medicare agency for sale

Importance of Consistent Marketing

In a world where it's becoming harder to get people's attention, do not underestimate the power of direct mail marketing. It continues to provide excellent return on investment for lead generation in the senior market. It can serve as the backbone of a multi-channel marketing plan.

SMS Insider April 03 2019

In this issue: The 2019 Sales Forum; The importance of consistent marketing; Finding success with multi-year guaranteed annuities (MYGAs); The Walmart Retail Program

SMS Insider March 06 2019

In this issue: Announcing keynote speakers for Sales Forum; On-demand lead generation webinar; Go paperless with e-App; Broker World and ThinkAdvisor feature SMS

SMS Insider February 06 2018

In this issue: Make Your Move With MYGAs Now; Changes to the Level Up Program; State of the Dental Industry; Your Post-Super-Bowl Strategy for Next Open Enrollment; LTC Opportunity