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BalancedChoice Annuity Offers Clients the Opportunity to "Buy Low, Sell High"

The most basic yet sound investing advice you’ll ever hear is buy low, sell high. It’s difficult to do, and all but impossible with an indexed annuity — until now.

Client Passing on CD to Heirs Might Like Single-Premium Life Policy

With today’s low interest rates, a single-premium life insurance can better accomplish a client’s goal of passing on money to a loved one than a CD.

Medicare Answers: Does a Retirement PPO Disqualify Client for Parts A and B?

This week’s Medicare Answers addresses eligibility for Plan A and B if a client keeps his retirement PPO plan.

Turn a Client's IRA Into a Tax-Free Legacy ... And Boost Your Life Sales

If your senior clients aren't using an IRA for income and plan to leave it to a loved one, that gift is 100 percent taxable. 

Medicare Answers: Is There a Penalty for Client With HSA Plan Not Enrolling in Plan A at 65?

This week’s Medicare Answers addresses whether a person over 65 with a Health Savings Account (HSA) plan who does not take Part A would be penalized when later enrolling in Plan A or B.

Show Seniors Why Life Insurance May Trump Cash as Gift

Learn how permanent life insurance can help clients leave more money to children or grandchildren and drive your sales higher.

What Travel Plans Are Popular? Check Out 2014's Best-Sellers So Far!

To help you sort through the myriad plans offered by Travel Insurance Center, we’ve compiled the best-sellers by category for the first quarter of 2014.

Three Ways to Submit Business with Cigna

Cigna has three ways of submitting business, allowing you to write in any situation and making it easier than ever to do business with Cigna Supplemental Benefits.

Medicare Answers: Can a Spouse of a U.S. Naturalized Citizen Receive Medicare Benefits?

This week’s Medicare Answers addresses whether a spouse of a naturalized citizen can receive Medicare benefits.

CMS Reverses Course, Increases Medicare Advantage Payments in 2015

CMS has announced it will not move forward with planned 1.9% cuts to Medicare Advantage plan payments in 2015, instead opting to increase payments by 0.4%.

SMS Is Seeking Bilingual Agents to Sell MA & Med Supp

Are you bilingual? SMS is seeking bilingual agents to sell Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement.

5 Good Reasons to Sell Medicare Supplement for Mutual of Omaha

Why should you do business with Mutual of Omaha? Here are just a few reason to sell Medicare Supplement for one of the most recognized carriers.

Med Supp & MA Sales Projected To Grow 60% & 20%

According to CSG Actuarial, Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage are projected to grow almost 60% and 20% respectively over the next decade.

Medicare Answers: How Does the Part B Penalty Work?

This week’s Medicare Answers addresses penalties on late Part B premiums.

What War Can Mean for Your Clients' Travel Plans

Cancel for Any Reason coverage can protect against political unrest, civil disorder, acts of war, and other exclusions found in most travel insurance policies.