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Trish Morton, MBA, CLTC

Trish has been in the long-term care planning industry for 17 years (four as an agent, 13 as a wholesaler). She has supported Brokerage General Agencies, career agents, wire houses and independent advisors with training, client events and presentations.

Amanda Solberg

As Licensing Manager, Amanda is responsible for new license applications, license renewals, and affiliations for agents/agencies, as well as continuing education course filing and upkeep.

Why Don't Your Clients Refer with Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems

Advisors need to rebrand how they ask for referrals, so that they are aligned with stewardship not salesmanship.

Taxes Today, Taxes Tomorrow: How to Help Clients Use Tax Advantaged Solutions

This session will focus on the current tax environment today as it relates to personal income taxes and estate taxes. We will also discuss projected tax reform and where taxes may be headed in the future. Most importantly the session will cover how producers can help their clients utilize tax advantages strategies to protect and build wealth.

How to Help Your Clients Have a Safe and Successful Retirement

Join Steven Sommer, from Securian, to learn how to help clients accumulate tax-free income, prepay their retirement taxes and protect their assets against LTC expenses. Also, learn how Securian is uniquely qualified to support your needs with different strategies and products.

How to Filter Carriers and Plans from Quoting in LA Pro

How to Filter Carriers and Plans from Quoting in LA Pro

Protective Life Bulletin

Protective Life Temporary Changes to Life Insurance Underwriting Guidelines

Life After AEP

The weeks and months after the Annual Election Period (AEP) can be a welcome respite, but what if you used this time to sell a needed product to the same clients and it was easy?

How to Expand Medicare Sales Potential Without Spending Additional Money

Reach clients in 2023 that were simply out of reach last year, and do it without spending any additional marketing funds.

Technology for Increasing Medicare Production in 2023 and Beyond

Attract more Medicare sales with no-cost technology available from Senior Market Sales®.

Sandy Pitre

Sandy Pitre has 21 years of experience in the insurance industry. In her position as Brokerage Life Sales Director, she is responsible for promoting their large portfolio of life products to the brokerage distribution.