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Aetna & Cigna Announce Lifetime Renewals on Medicare Advantage & PDP Policies

Aetna & Cigna recently announced effective immediately, that they will be paying lifetime renewals on Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D policies.

Kid-Friendly Travel Insurance Coverage

Many travel insurance protection plans include the kids for no additional cost.

Financial Planners and Medicare ... Yes, That's Part of Your Job Now Too

Your customers now want you to add one more responsibility, one more layer of expertise, to your practice: Medicare advisor.

Breaking Into the Multi-Life Market Part 3: Enrolling Employees

You’ve identified your target employers and made your pitch to company leadership. Now you are in the door and ready to enroll, how do you proceed?

Low-Income Subsidies Part 3: How to Market to LIS-Eligible Clients

Part three will offer some ideas for how to market these services and let prospective and existing clients know that you can assist them with extra benefits.

How to Accurately Illustrate Policy Loans or Withdrawals
Often times you may find your clients interested in loans or withdrawals from their life insurance polices. Here we'll look at how these illustrations work.

Add Travel Insurance Center to Your Website and Start Earning Commission

Get your share of the $2.7 billion dollars the travel insurance industry will produce this year!

New Agent Training Center at

If you missed our last newsletter, you missed an exciting announcement about our new online agent training center.

Low Income Subsidies Part 2: How to Apply

Now that you have identified potential clients, we will discuss the steps to take to help your clients apply for Low-Income Subsidies.

GAO Report Criticizes Star Ratings Reimbursements

According to a report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Medicare is wasting $8.35 billion on its quality bonus demonstration project.

Breaking Into the Multi-Life Market Part 2: Getting the Appointment

Now that you have identified potential employers that you would like to make a presentation to about multi-life, how do you proceed?

Medicare Answers: Exclusion and Extension of Benefits for Medicare Supplement

This week’s question deals with Exclusion and Extension of Benefits for Medicare Supplement.

Major Upgrades to the Builder IUL

North American's Builder IUL has been remodeled to offer your clients greater retirement income potential.

Finally ... Hassle-Free Secure Email

We are excited to announce two enhancements to our secure e-mail platform that will save you time and make it easier to do business with SMS.

Medicare Answers: Medicare Supplement Lifetime Maximum?

This week’s question deals with lifetime maximums as it relates to Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement.