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Are Doctor House Calls Making a Comeback?

What if I told you that doctor house calls are making a comeback?

Medicare Answers: SEP for Client on Disability

This week’s question asks when a client who has been on disability and is now eligible for Medicare can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

LTC Consumer Study Part 3: Key Influencers on LTC Purchase Decision

In Part 3 of our LTC consumer study we will take look at the key influencers that impacted their decision to purchase LTCi.

Medicare Beneficiaries Report Having Better Health Insurance Experiences

Compared to people with employer-sponsored insurance, people with Medicare report fewer problems with medical bills and with accessing care because of costs.

Change Is Inevitable, and So Is the Need for Long Term Care

Carriers are leaving the market; others have tightened underwriting, benefits and commissions. Are you ready?

Medicare Answers: Is Obamacare Raising the Part B Premium?

This week's question deals with rumors about changes to Medicare and Med Supp due to the Affordable Care Act, specifically dramatic increases to the Part B premium.

Medicare Supplement Insurance: Myths & Facts

We are hearing everyday from agents asking what is going to happen in 2014.

A 3-Step Sales Process for Long-Term Care Insurance

The following 3-step sales process will help you position LTCi as part of an overall plan to protect both their assets and their family.

LTC Consumer Study Part 2: Why Do People Buy LTC?

In Part 2 of our LTC consumer study, we will look at the different reasons why people purchased LTC according to a study by Mutual of Omaha.

Mutual of Omaha Announces Guaranteed ADvantage Accidental Death Insurance

Mutual of Omaha has added a new product to their portfolio, Guaranteed Advantage Accidental Death Insurance.

AHIP Survey: 9 in 10 Seniors Satisfied with their Medicare Supplement

Looking to sell a product that is simple, reliable and offers your customers good value for their money?

Medicare Answers: High-Deductible Plan F

This week's Medicare Answers question deals with high-deductible Plan F.

New iPad Mobile Enrollment App From Aetna

Aetna agents will soon be able to enroll clients in MA and PDP plans using a new iPad Mobile Enrollment App.

LTC New Business Checklist

If you want to get paid quickly and without hassle, make sure all these things are in order before taking an app and submitting a new piece of business.

When Corporate Travel Isn't Business as Usual

Unexpected travel problems are encountered by business travelers every day. Who do they call for assistance? And of further concern — who covers the expense?