A New Kind of Financial Seminar

  • Originally published January 18, 2013 , last updated March 20, 2018
  • Social Security
A New Kind of Financial Seminar

In a recent blog, we talked about getting started with Social Security planning and familiarizing yourself with Social Security Timing software by sitting down with friends, family and referrals to see the process work.

Now that you have done that, you are ready for the next step: start attracting prospects by positioning yourself as a Social Security expert. We’ve found that the best way to do that by hosting educational seminars at a local library, university or other educational institution.

These are not your typical financial seminars, where you talk about product and half the people are there for the free meal. We’ve tested the process extensively. You can find a detailed description of educational seminar best practices along with a FINRA-reviewed seminar script, Powerpoint and direct mail pieces in the Social Security Timing Marketing Guide.

Call a marketer at 1-877-645-4939 to learn how to get your copy of the guide.

Time to Learn

The Educational Seminar for Social Security Timing is different from average seminars. The venue is an educational one — not a local restaurant. This puts attendees in the mind set to learn. The goal of the seminar is not to sell, it’s to educate your audience and brand yourself as a Social Security expert.

The Venue

The venue for this seminar is more important than typical financial seminars. We recommend hosting the seminar at a library, here’s why:

1. They Need You — With the evolution of the digital world, libraries are in need of ways to manufacture reasons for the public to visit.

2. Community Focused — Usually, libraries have in their mission statements about reaching out to the community. Position yourself as someone who can help them fulfill this mission.

3. 100% Educational Environment — Attendees know that by coming to an event hosted in a library, they will not be hit with just another sales pitch, they are actually going to learn something.

4. Brand Equity — By partnering with an institution like a library or local college, which are well known in your community, you can boost your brand awareness and equity.

5. Promotion — The library will actually help you promote the seminar. Think a restaurant will do that?

Growing Your Business

We’ve had advisors running Social Security Timing® seminars all over the country, so we have a firm idea of what you can expect as far as a return when you execute this proven seminar process.

  • Direct Mail Invitation — We generally see a 1 – 1.5% response rate on the invitation card.
  • Request Follow-Up — About 40% of attendees will request a follow-up call on their comment card they fill out after the seminar.
  • Set an Appointment — About 50% of those we follow up with will come in for an appointment.
  • New Clients — About 50% of those who come in for an appointment go on to become clients.

So, for every 10 people in attendance, you can expect to net one new client using our system.