Add Travel Insurance Center to Your Website and Start Earning Commission

By Dan Drennen, Director, Travel

  • Originally published May 14, 2012 , last updated December 30, 2015
Add Travel Insurance Center to Your Website and Start Earning Commission

Get your share of the $2.7 billion dollars the travel insurance industry will produce this year!

Add travel insurance to your online offerings for FREE.

It’s as easy as adding a travel insurance link or a banner to your existing website! Just register for the Senior Market Sales Travel Insurance Affiliate Program and we will send you our travel insurance banners and linking guide! If a travel insurance product is purchased from that link, we will send you the commission!

What’s the worst thing that could happen?
You sell travel insurance and get paid!

Our expert Travel Insurance Center call center staff is available for questions or direct consultation with your clients if needed. If our call center agent helps your client find the policy that best fits their needs and processes the policy on your behalf, you still earn the commission! We ask every customer how they found us and code the sale to the appropriate agent!

So let’s get you started.

  • Forward this email to your website tech person and have them make it happen!
  • Get registered now!

Once you’re signed up we’ll forward the linking and banners guide. It’s that simple.

At Senior Market Sales we are always looking for ways to help you to leverage your time, make more money and put your business in a position of distinction.

Thanks for your time and please contact me directly with any questions or concerns.