AdvancedApp: A New Life Application Process From North American

  • Originally published May 3, 2011 , last updated September 23, 2015

Simplify your sales with a more efficient and accurate process.

Designed to simplify the application process for both you and your clients, AdvancedApp is now available on all North American (NACOLAH) products for applicants ages 18–70 (any face amount).

AdvancedApp takes the place of NACOLAH’s tele-underwriting application process and Rapid Request. It does not replace NACOLAH’s general life application.

Why Use AdvancedApp?

  • No more lengthy medical questions with your client — just ask one medical question
  • You don’t have to set up a paramedical visit
  • Client no longer needs to share potentially embarrassing medical history with their agent
  • Streamlined process is more accurate and efficient

How does the AdvancedApp process work?

  1. Download AdvancedApp Part 1 (form L-3197) from Form Factory on
  2. Complete the client information section of the AdvancedApp with your client and answer one medical question.
  3. Obtain insured’s signature and complete the agent section.
  4. Scan and email, mail or fax the New Business package to North American.
  5. Your client will be contacted within 24 hours to complete the medical history (AdvancedApp Part 2).
  6. Call center sets up an appointment for paramedical exam.

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