Case Study: Driving Appointments With Social Security Planning Seminars

  • Originally published August 5, 2013 , last updated February 26, 2020
Case Study: Driving Appointments With Social Security Planning Seminars

Talk to enough advisors and you’re bound to hear it at some point: seminars are dead. They don’t work. The market is saturated with advisors all touting the same message and people are only there for the food anyway. We would argue there is some truth to this, but it’s should be an indictment of seminars in general just the traditional type of dinner seminar we’re all familiar with. At Senior Market Sales we’ve come up with a better seminar system.


The traditional dinner seminar has been a staple for annuity producers for years now. If you’re good in front of a room, there’s perhaps no better opportunity to sell yourself and your practice to people in your target market. But that doesn’t negate the fact that there are inherent weaknesses in the traditional seminar format.

Content — Traditionally these seminars are used to sell the audience on a specific product — annuities for example. The advisor builds a case for utilizing a product in the hopes that the audience will be persuaded.

Motivation — Many people know the drill. They know it’s a sales presentation and many show up with their defenses already up, basically telling themselves it’s worth the free meal to sit through your sales pitch.

Follow-up — What reason do you give them to actually sit down with you? If they already work with an advisor, they’ll just take their questions to him.

This is a recipe for low turnout, low engagement and low return on investment.


We’ve developed a seminar that is 100% focused on educating people on Social Security. It shows them how much money they have at stake when electing Social Security (often upwards of $100,000) and shows them how complex the decision truly is (thousands of election options). By the end of the presentation, the audience knows they have tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake; they know the system is too complex to make the right decision on their own; and you’re the only person they know who has the answer. Think they’re going to set an appointment?

The other piece of this is that this is not a sales presentation. There is no food served and, ideally, it will take place in a library or other educational setting like a local college. You can actually partner with these institutions and they will help you promote the event, boosting turnout and your credibility. See our Social Security Marketing Guide to learn exactly how to go about partnering with institutions in your area.


Here is an example of the success one agent had recently:

Charles C. — Insurance agent in Ohio

  • Utilized our FINRA-reviewed PowerPoint presentation and script
  • Utilized our direct mail piece
  • 3,900 pieces mailed
  • 61 RSVPs
  • 50 attendees
  • 19 appointments

We don’t report these results because they are extraordinary. We’re sharing them because they are quite typical of the success advisors are having when they follow our process.

This seminar process isn’t something we just threw together. Actually, it was years in the making. It is tested and proven to work in multiple markets with many different advisors.

We’ve packaged this seminar program (and others) in our Social Security Marketing Guide. The Marketing Guide comes with a lot of great resources like seminar presentations, direct mail pieces, worksheets, client videos, etc. But the true value of the marketing guide is that it takes all the lessons we’ve learned over the years doing Social Security planning and delivers that wisdom to you. So you know all the mistakes to avoid and all the best practices to employ right out of the gate.

Download the marketing guide preview and get our exclusive Social Security Planning Starter Guide for free.