Case Study: How One Agent Saved Time and Increased Efficiency During the AEP

By Sam Halpern, Director, Internet Marketing

  • Originally published March 5, 2013 , last updated August 13, 2019
Case Study: How One Agent Saved Time and Increased Efficiency During the AEP

Looking for ways to become more efficient so you can see more clients and close more sales? Read the account below of an agent in Arkansas who leveraged the technology available to her through SMS to work through leads quicker, see more clients and submit apps more efficiently.


Teresa is an independent agent in Arkansas. The majority of her revenue comes from Medicare Advantage and Part D sales, which means the majority of her activity takes place between October 15 and December 7 each year. The AEP poses many challenges to Teresa and agents like her.

First, she feels it is important to help her clients find the prescription drug coverage that is right for them, but doing so can be time-consuming. She must gather all of the client’s drug information and enter it into Lead Advantage Pro to get an accurate quote that reflects anticipated out-of-pocket costs for the year. Then she must complete the app and send it in. This is a lot of time to spend for a standalone Part D that only pays a small commission.

Second, Teresa lives in rural area, so she’s often forced to drive a considerable distance to see prospects. She feels driving long distances to appointments during such a busy period wastes precious time that could be better used following up on leads, meeting with clients and closing sales. Sometimes she wishes she could expand her market beyond driving distance to reach even more prospects, but doing so would require an efficient, compliant way to enroll MA and PDP clients over the phone.

Like a lot of Medicare Advantage agents, Teresa feels like her biggest challenge is becoming more efficient so she can see more clients/prospects in less time.


During the 2013 AEP, Teresa discovered AICOE® from Senior Market Sales. AICOE is an exclusive program that allows agents to enroll their Medicare Advantage and Part D clients online.

Step 1: Teresa started using Lead Advantage Pro to follow up on her leads. When she buys Internet leads through vendors approved by Senior Market Sales, they automatically show up in her Lead Advantage Pro account. She gets an email notification when they arrive. Then she is able to go in and work the lead, updating information and the disposition after her follow-up call.

Step 2: Teresa can then run quotes through Lead Advantage Pro. She can enter all her client’s drugs in their “Medicine Cabinet,” which is saved for easy quoting next year. Then she can easily email the quote to the prospect without ever leaving Lead Advantage.

Step 3: Finally, Teresa can facilitate an online enrollment into a Medicare Advantage or Part D plan directly from Lead Advantage Pro using the CMS-compliant AICOE process to email her clients an enrollment link that takes them to the carrier’s website. By doing this, you are enabling the client to self-enroll on the carrier’s website, where all their information and your writing number will pre-populate on the online application. So the process is 100% compliant and you get credit for the sale.

The AICOE process is exclusive to Senior Market Sales and Lead Advantage Pro. The process is currently approved for use with Coventry, Cigna and Aetna.


According to Teresa, “It makes enrollments go faster with all the information usually in there and being able to keep up with notes on the person,” which she found to be a big help, especially while working Part D leads.

Now she also has the opportunity to expand the geographic area she accepts leads from because AICOE makes it possible to sell Medicare Advantage and Part D over the phone.

To sum up, Teresa had this to say about AICOE and Lead Advantage Pro: “It’s a good software tool that helps you stay organized and work more efficiently.”

To learn more about AICOE and how to use it for compliant online MA-PD enrollments, watch this training video.