Close Dental Sales by Revisiting Your Existing Medicare Supplement Clients

  • Originally published January 25, 2021 , last updated January 26, 2021
Close Dental Sales by Revisiting Your Existing Medicare Supplement Clients

Two Important Medicare Facts

Here are two important facts about Medicare. First, Medicare doesn’t cover most dental care. Secondly, Medicare does not provide for eye exams related to prescribing glasses.

A Cross-Sell Opportunity

Dental care becomes even more important as you age, and the same can be said for eye care. This means there’s a good opportunity for agents specializing in Medicare to make additional sales by revisiting their existing book of Medicare Supplement clients. Seniors desire adequate coverage for dental and vision. It’s up to you to present them with viable solutions that meet their needs and budget.  

Senior Market Sales® (SMS) makes it easy for you to cross-sell dental and vision products to your existing book of business. We offer a powerhouse lineup of carriers, including one that developed a dental plan specifically with seniors in mind. This senior-niche plan, called ProtectorPlus Dental was developed as a proprietary product specifically for SMS agents and is underwritten by insurance giant Ameritas. Having ProtectorPlus Dental in your wheelhouse puts you ahead of all the agents that do not have access to this exclusive option. Also, since it caters specifically to the senior market, your close-ratio is likely to be higher when cross-selling to senior clients.  

ProtectorPlus Dental highlights include:

  • Preventive services not deducted from annual max*
  • Low annual deductible - $25 per person ($75 family)
  • One of the largest dental networks offering in- or out-of-network options
  • Competitive rates that are not age-banded
  • Over 380 individual procedures covered
  • No waiting period for Preventive, Basic and Major Services

Marketing Consultant Support

In addition to offering competitive dental and vision options, SMS agents have access to an entire team of marketing consultants. All of SMS’s marketing consultants are licensed agents, and many of them have field experience. They know the industry and the challenges inherent in running a successful insurance business. They are here to help you with everything from sales strategy options to client-presentation package compilation, and everything in between.

The Next Step

If you are interested in adding sales to your current book of business by cross-selling dental and vision options, then SMS is a great solution. Reach out at 1.866.909.3237 to speak with a licensed marketing consultant.

SMS has been helping agents grow sales for almost four decades. Even during these uncertain times, SMS has remained relevant, providing technology tools for overcoming pandemic challenges. No matter what the future holds, rest assured that SMS will continue to help agents leverage time, make more money and put their business in a position of distinction.

*In most states

Key Takeaways

  • Successfully cross-sell dental insurance to Medicare Supplement clients
  • Use proprietary tools and products to increase sales to your existing book of business
  • Increase sales without prospecting for new clients