Coventry Referral Program Now Includes Medicare Advantage

  • Originally published November 13, 2012 , last updated April 3, 2018
  • Coventry
Coventry Referral Program Now Includes Medicare Advantage

Coventry’s Referral Program has added Medicare Advantage. Coventry’s Referral program is ideal for agents who want to help clients find Part D coverage but don’t want to spend the time looking up drugs or getting certified. Now with Medicare Advantage, it is also ideal for agents who primarily sell Medicare Supplement but run into clients who either can’t afford or medically qualify for Medicare Supplement. Now you can help your clients obtain a Medicare Advantage plan that places a cap on their out-of-pocket expenses and get paid for it without getting certified.

As a referring agent, you will not be selling the plans, so:

  • No sales training or testing required
  • No involvement in the selling process

What also makes this referral program unique is that override compensation is also available to the MGA for each referral. Agents can login to NoMoreForms and use package code REFSMRSAG4 to get a referral contract and start earning $28 per PDP referral and $100 per Medicare Advantage referral. Once your application is processed and approved, you’ll receive a pdf flyer customized with your name and Agent Writing Number (AWN) that you can print and share with your clients.

For more information about Coventry’s Referral Program call 1-877-645-0147!