Customer Testimonial: After Concussion, Travel Insurance Was Great

  • Originally published May 26, 2016 , last updated February 26, 2020
  • Travelex
Customer Testimonial: After Concussion, Travel Insurance Was Great

If you’re not currently offering your clients travel insurance, this customer testimonial may change your mind. Tom S., a Travel Insurance Center® customer from San Diego, California, was so happy with his coverage and service that he wrote to the agent who sold him his plan and even referred a friend.

I should tell you that the insurance that we had for our trip to Cyprus was great. Unfortunately, Anne fell and had a concussion. Anne was brought to the emergency room, and she laid there for an hour. When they found out that we had insurance, another ambulance took her to a private hospital, where she has a very good surgeon. Two nights in the hospital. End of trip. Very stressful time. It could have been worse. I called the insurance company, and they handled everything. We did not get one sheet of paper. Everything was done.

Could not ask for better service.

I am forwarding your information to a good friend, John. He is taking a trip and needs some insurance.


Tom and Anne had purchased a Travelex Insurance Services Travel Max post-departure policy, with no trip cost insured. All Travelex plans feature “first payer” coverage. You receive reimbursement for eligible losses from Travelex first, with no deductible. Funds may be recovered from your medical or other collectible insurance plans.

Travel Insurance Center offers Travelex and more than 20 other carriers. When you become an affiliate, you simply refer clients to Travel Insurance Center, we search all the carriers for the best policy at the best price for your clients’ needs, and if they buy a policy, you earn a commission.

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