Delivering Value to Centers of Influence

  • Originally published February 6, 2013 , last updated December 31, 2015
Delivering Value to Centers of Influence

Every advisor would like to get referrals from Centers of Influence (COIs), such as CPAs and attorneys. Many are out there trying to establish COI relationships. But only a select few are actually getting any referrals. Why is that?

It starts with how you approach COIs. Most advisors fall back on the old sales axiom of getting people to know, like and trust you. Obviously, this is a proven method for laying a foundation for relationships, but in order to forge strategic alliances that actually result in actionable referrals you have to go beyond just getting people to like you. It even goes beyond getting them to trust you. A CPA has to have a reason to refer a client to you and not to somebody else. You might be nice. You might be knowledgeable. But what do they get in return? You have to be able to show tangible value.

In order to get referrals from COIs, you have to answer this question: What do you offer that is of value to their clients that they can’t get by going to one of the other dozen advisors they know? If you fail to answer that question, you’re just another advisor asking for something.
Social Security Timing® is the answer. What if you could show a CPA how you can save their clients from a $200,000 mistake when they elect their Social Security? The client is in a significantly better financial position as they enter retirement and the CPA looks like a hero to their client because he recommended you.

The Social Security Timing Marketing Guide outlines how to establish relationships with these professionals by positioning yourself as a Social Security expert and demonstrating value to their clients without trying to sell them something. The whole process is outlined in more detail, along with worksheets, FINRA-reviewed seminars, direct mail pieces, in the Social Security Timing Marketing Guide.

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