Dental Swarm: A Great Technique for Selling More Dental Coverage

By Craig Taylor, Associate Director, Medicare Solutions

  • Originally published January 11, 2017 , last updated November 6, 2018
Dental Swarm: A Great Technique for Selling More Dental Coverage

Dental insurance is the simple cross-sell that can help you build your business. Since many individuals get their coverage through their employers’ plans, it’s a solution that most retirees really need.

Do you need a little help getting started selling dental? Here’s one sales technique that has helped agents get off to a successful start. We call it the “dental swarm.”It will help you open doors and get in front of more clients. Give it a try in your community.

First, set a goal of visiting ten dentists in your community in a week. Then, go visit their offices. Here’s a helpful hint: take a jar of candy and 10 business cards with you to give the “gatekeeper.”

Talk to those providers about your lineup of dental carriers (Ameritas, Medico, UnitedHealthOne, Renaissance) and the excellent coverage they offer.

Within that conversation, ask them questions, like:

  • Can I put up a brochure rack in your waiting area?
  • Can I put a carrier banner or signage in the waiting area?
  • Can I do recurring lunch-and-learn events with your staff?
  • Can I leave behind business cards and brochures?
  • Do you mind if I stop by and check in on a regular basis?

You’ll be amazed at how you can build a relationship with these dental care offices. It will help you get in front of the hundreds of potential clients who visit them every single day.

You do not want to miss the opportunity with dental insurance. The marketing consultants at SMS can answer any questions you have.

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