Dinners Are Out, Social Security Seminars Are In

  • Originally published October 9, 2013 , last updated December 31, 2015
  • Social Security
Dinners Are Out, Social Security Seminars Are In

Are you tired of hosting retirement dinner seminars that have low response rates and attract people who are just there for a free dinner? A recent article, “Are Social Security Seminars In Your Future?” discussed how Social Security seminars are the better option. We have been saying this exact same thing for years!

To attract quality prospects, you need to position yourself as a Social Security expert. The best way to do this is by hosting educational seminars at local libraries, universities or other educational institutions. We’ve tested this process extensively and put together a detailed and educational 60-page guide to help you. “The Social Security Timing Marketing Guide” features educational seminar best practices, a FINRA-reviewed seminar script, a PowerPoint, direct mail pieces and more. The guide was developed by Social Security planning expert Joe Elsasser, the guy who actually came up with the best practices himself.

We’ve had advisors hosting Social Security seminars across the country, so we have a firm idea of what you can expect as a return when executing this proven, step-by-step process: for every 10 people in attendance, expect to gain one new client.