Discover Dual Special Need Plans (DSNPs) from UnitedHealthcare

  • Originally published January 26, 2017, last updated December 19, 2017

Dual Special Need Plans (DSNPs) from UnitedHealthcare offer comprehensive benefits at reasonable rates. Some plan highlights include:

  • Dental coverage for exams, x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns, extractions and more
  • Annual hearing exam and hearing devices every two years
  • Over-the-counter Credits with quarterly allowance with rollover/annual expiration
  • Routine vision coverage every two years
  • Transportation: 48 one-way rides for health care visits and prescription needs
  • Silver Sneakers® program offers a gym membership at select facilities

Millions are eligible for these plans, yet only a fraction of that group have signed up. Eligible customers can join or change plans throughout the year. You can offer these plans now.

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