e-Apps Gaining Popularity

  • Originally published July 1, 2014 , last updated May 2, 2017
  • Mutual of Omaha, e-App
e-Apps Gaining Popularity

The percentage of Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement applications submitted by SMS agents jumped from 11 percent in January 2011 to 30 percent in January 2014.

While the number of paper applications still outnumbers e-apps, more agents are seeing the benefits of e-Apps, and more carriers are offering the technology to support electronic submissions.

If you aren’t using e-Apps, you risk losing business to agents who are. Why? Because e-Apps take less time. Agents who are savvy with e-apps work more efficiently, meaning they’re able to reach more clients — possibly your clients — and produce more. e-Apps’ issue time tends to be shorter than paper apps’ because e-Apps usually are more complete, requiring the carrier to spend less time seeking out incomplete fields. That reduces costs and speeds service to your clients.

With its e-App business, Mutual of Omaha reports that:

  • The time from application submission to underwriter review (if needed) is now less than 10 minutes
  • The average time to issue is less than two days

Use e-Apps to save time, make fewer mistakes and get paid faster. e-Apps also allow you to work by phone, meaning you can expand your geographic service area.

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