Extra Green in 2015 With Travel Insurance

  • Originally published January 6, 2015 , last updated December 30, 2015
Extra Green in 2015 With Travel Insurance

While some clients are hesitant to talk about financial investments or life insurance, almost everyone enjoys discussing their upcoming travel plans. Get your foot in the door with a conversation about travel, and you could earn some extra green in 2015. Let the travel insurance experts at Travel Insurance Center guide your clients to the right travel plan for the best price, and we’ll send you a commission check.

For 17 years, the Senior Market Sales travel insurance pision www.TravelInsuranceCenter.com has been providing travel insurance solutions to independent insurance agents, specialty insurance agencies, travel websites, travel agencies and home-based travel agents. We support our brokers with online sales solutions and consumer direct options.

When you promote travel insurance, you’re not just selling a product. You’re providing peace of mind. Without travel insurance, your client could end up owing tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Is it worth the risk? Consider this: people who travel each year or multiple times a year tend to have increased disposable income and make excellent prospects for your core business, too.

In addition to current clients, consider reaching out to contacts at churches, youth groups, schools and associations. You can provide one-stop solutions for all your clients’ travel insurance needs. Register today.

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