Factors to Consider During AEP 2016

By Dwane McFerrin, Vice President, Medicare Solutions

  • Originally published October 21, 2016 , last updated October 14, 2020
  • AEP
Factors to Consider During AEP 2016

This year’s Annual Election Period is underway, marking the busiest and most important time in our profession. Every year is a little bit different, and 2016’s AEP has a few important factors for consumers to consider.

2016 is shaping up to be a great year for Medicare Advantage due to plan stability and geographic expansion for the national carriers and some disruption among regional players.  In addition, the battle for Prescription Drug plans has drawn fierce competition including plans supported or sponsored by CVS, Walgreens and Walmart.  In many cases, your clients are facing a large, $400 deductible on Part D. So you can expect a lot of shopping beyond the norm this fall.  Not to be forgotten, Medicare Supplement plans are extremely popular and there is more consumer choice in 2016 than in previous years.

Here at Senior Market Sales®, we have a strong carrier lineup and have invested mightily in co-op marketing, recruiting and technology to help you save time and grow your business.  The electronic Scope of Appointment process was invented and introduced by SMS in 2015. This year we’re introducing a first-of-its-kind provider lookup tool.  When you run your quote on our Lead Advantage Pro CRM platform, you can also query the health care providers your clients use and determine if they are in or out of network for your quote without having to login to multiple carrier websites. 

You’ll receive the provider ID, saving you precious time. And you will have two proprietary enrollment methods exclusively available to agents doing business with SMS.  One is the App By Email® method, which is a time-saving fillable PDF you can compliantly email to your clients for signature.  The second option, Agent Initiated Consumer Online Enrollment, or AICOE®, enables you to send a secure link to your client where they self-enroll on the carrier’s website with your writing number embedded in the link. All of this with CMS approval codes! 

Technology is a driving force at SMS, backed by the foundation of reliable, name-brand insurance carriers, world-class administrative support, and internal Marketing Consultants who are prepared to help you leverage your time, make more money and place your business in a position of distinction.