Finally ... Hassle-Free Secure Email

  • Originally published April 3, 2012 , last updated June 13, 2018
Finally ... Hassle-Free Secure Email

Enhancements to our Secure Email Platform save agents time and frustration.

We are excited to announce two enhancements to our secure email platform that will save you time and make it easier to do business with SMS.

1. We’ve added a “Remember Me” option on the log-in screen. Previously, when you received emails from SMS that included sensitive information (e.g. Social Security Number, policy number) you were required to log into a portal each and every time you viewed one. Now, if you check the “Remember Me” box, you will be taken straight to the portal from your inbox without having to enter your username and password.


2. A second enhancement will make it more convenient to send secure emails to SMS. If you’re not sure what address to send an email to, you can now select from a drop down menu of options, organized by department.


For three years, SMS has used Zix Corporation to encrypt our email communications in accordance with the HiTech Act that went into effect in 2010, extending HIPAA requirements to insurance brokers and agencies. One of the major effects of the law is the extension of HIPAA privacy standards to e-mails sent by agents that contain sensitive information.

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