Find Success in Selling Dental Insurance During a Season of Change

  • Originally published December 6, 2021 , last updated July 18, 2022
Find Success in Selling Dental Insurance During a Season of Change

The pandemic certainly transformed the dental industry into a rollercoaster with unprecedented ups, downs, twists and turns. This article strives to take away some of the vertigo you may be feeling regarding all this change and provide clarity about the industry’s current state and outlook for the future. Agents who sell dental insurance will find this information especially useful.

The first downward plummet came early in 2020. According to statistics published in a FAIR Health Brief entitled Dental Services and the Impact of COVID-19, in March of 2020, consumer usage of dental services fell by 75%. In April 2020, that percentage grew to 79%. 46% of dentists attribute this drop to issues related to the pandemic.  

Since that initial downward surge, the dental industry has been steadily recovering with the American Dental Association estimating that dental patient volume had risen to 81% of pre-COVID-19 levels by Feb. 2021. This is per statistical information found on

The adaptability of the industry is responsible for much of this recovery. For example, there has been a significant increase in dentists who utilize telehealth technology so that clients don’t have to necessarily come into the office in person. Additional adaptations include improvements in the areas of laser dentistry, robotic dentistry, social media communications and 3D printing of custom dentures and associated items. For further industry adaptations, see this article from Titan Web Agency.

So, what does all this mean for dental insurance and the agents who solicit dental insurance? Be watching for innovations to existing dental insurance products as well as brand new products entering the market. Also, agents who sell dental can expect carrier competition to heat up as they become more aggressive in their bid for increased market share. This will likely mean more robust sales incentive programs and other promotions being offered to the producer. Please click on the icons below to get information specific to various carriers.

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Key Takeaways

  • How to find success in a post-pandemic dental insurance environment.
  • Use dental industry change to your advantage as an insurance agent.