Forbes Piece Smears Indexed Annuities

  • Originally published December 1, 2010 , last updated January 15, 2018
Forbes Piece Smears Indexed Annuities

Perhaps we should be used to it by now, but fixed indexed annuities are under attack once again in the financial media.

This latest assault uses all the old tactics we’ve seen time and time again: misrepresented facts, outright false claims, judging an entire industry by a few extreme examples.

The only reason this one warrants any mention at all is that the article appeared in a respected publication — Forbes magazine — and got the facts so egregiously wrong — warning of 40-year annuities and 25% surrender fees, neither of which even exist.

Read the Forbes article here: Protection Racket.

This article is troubling on a number of levels: 1. That a publication that’s considered credible by many people would even publish something this bad. 2. That supposed financial experts can be so dismissive of a product that offers principal protection so soon after the market just dropped 50%. 3. That your prospects are probably out there reading it right now.

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