Get Exclusive Leads Through SilverScript

  • Originally published September 24, 2014 , last updated January 12, 2016
  • SilverScript
Get Exclusive Leads Through SilverScript

When you are contracted with SilverScript PDP through Senior Market Sales, you can get exclusive Part D leads this AEP for only $3 each!

This unique co-op direct mail program is available only to SMS agents. To be eligible to receive leads you must be (1) actively contracted through SMS, (2) certified and (3) appointed to sell SilverScript for the 2015 plan year.

Only $3? How can this be? Here's how: SMS is inserting a Medicare Part D response card into a cellophane-wrapped card-pack mailed into 1.4 million senior households in all states except Alaska and Hawaii in October 2014. Click here to see the PDP Response Card in PDF.

See the sign-up form for complete details and to sign up.

Secure your territories now! Complete the sign-up form and fax it to Medicare Solutions at 1-402-343-9928 as soon as possible.

Note: We will need to confirm you are appointed and certified with SilverScript for 2015 and make sure we have a valid credit card on file before we can activate your leads. You will need an SMS login to access your leads.


Key Takeaways

  • SMS-exclusive leads with SilverScript