Getting Media Coverage With Social Security

  • Originally published March 8, 2013 , last updated February 26, 2020
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Getting Media Coverage With Social Security

A quick internet search for the term “Social Security” quickly gathers more than one billion search results. This tells you that Social Security is a hot topic in the media, with consumers, with bloggers and on social media.

How do you, the advisor, stand out in that crowd and get the media’s attention? It’s not as difficult as it may seem if done right.

First, there are two types of media that will quickly get your Social Security message in front of thousands: paid media and earned media.

Paid media is just like it sounds, advertising that is purchased. You can purchase radio ads, newspaper ads and television ads that will be seen and/or heard by thousands of people in your local community. While this tactic can be effective, it is also very costly and you have to win the trust of the audience.

Our Social Security Timing advisors have had much better luck with earned media, also known as public relations, or PR. This is the process of getting your message in print, radio and television content on local and even national outlets.

Here are a few examples of the value that public relations presents:

  • It’s free — Compared to costly paid media advertisements, earned media and PR can get you in front of the same audience for free.
  • It’s like an endorsement — People trust their local news. By appearing on a news program as a Social Security expert, you immediately achieve credibility and a perceived stamp of approval from the news outlet.
  • It’s content — When you appear in the media that gives you great content for your newsletter or website. The more media coverage you can earn, the more the public around you becomes aware of you — the Social Security expert.

How to Get Media Coverage

It is very important to know your message. Know what you would say if a reporter called you right now. Keep your message short and conversational; don’t talk like a salesman. Craft a pitch letter; let the media know why they should care about your message. With an aging audience, the Social Security Timing Story is right in their wheelhouse, but a news editor’s desk is constantly bombarded with story ideas so work hard to make sure you stand out.

These are important steps to take, but unfortunately they don’t guarantee success. Often, especially in larger markets, getting media coverage really comes down to who you know. And chances are as a financial advisor you don’t have a lot of friends who are reporters, editors, anchors or producers. That is why we recommend researching local PR firms to help you land coverage in your local market. PR firms can help you with media strategy, messaging and interview coaching, but most importantly they can leverage their contacts to get you booked on local radio and television broadcasts and in print media.

Our Social Security Marketing Guide has a whole chapter devoted to getting media coverage and selecting the right PR firm.

Call a marketer at 1-877-645-4939 to learn how to get your copy of the guide. Click here to download a free preview of the Social Security Timing Marketing Guide.