Global Accident Protection 24/7

  • Originally published December 9, 2010 , last updated December 30, 2015
Global Accident Protection 24/7

Our Global Accident Protection (GAP) 24/7 offers high limits of 24-hour accidental death and dismemberment coverage with optional benefits for emergency medical air evacuation, international medical, hazardous & sports activities, and war risk coverage.

Global Accident Protection 24/7 is perfect for:

  • Uninsured individuals: Some individuals may not be able obtain adequate amounts of traditional life insurance due to age, health, lifestyle or hazardous activities.
  • Underinsured individuals requiring excess amounts of coverage: While many people have traditional group or individual life insurance policies currently in place, these plans can fall short if your financial obligations or current lifestyle has changed in anyway. Accidental death & dismemberment insurance is an inexpensive way to provide immediate financial protection for short or long periods of time, without having to go through the hassle of medical underwriting.
  • Individuals participating in hazardous activities or sports: Many life insurance companies won't underwrite coverage for individuals participating in high-risk sports (rugby, wrestling, hockey, etc.) or hazardous activities (mountain climbing, sky diving, spelunking, etc.).
  • Tour groups while on recreational or sporting trips such as skiing, scuba diving, sky diving, or bungee jumping.
  • Individuals traveling to "political hot spots" or "war risk zones": Many insurance policies do NOT cover people in "political hot spots" or "war zones." The GAP 24/7 plan offers an optional rider for individuals seeking this type of coverage.
  • War correspondents — government contractors — missionary and relief organizations — and even nongovernment organizations (NGO's).

Why do individuals need this coverage?
While sicknesses usually give warning symptoms, accidents strike without warning, leaving very little room to prepare for emotional and financial consequences. Medical, disability and life insurance policies do not adequately compensate for specific losses of limbs, sight, hearing or speech. The GAP 24/7 plan fills in where other plans do not, ensuring coverage in the case of an accident.