Great News for California Agents

  • Originally published April 1, 2015 , last updated September 29, 2015
  • UnitedHealthcare
Great News for California Agents

UnitedHealthcare is pleased to announce that full commission rates will be paid in California for AARP® Medicare Supplement insurance plans, insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, for enrollment applications eligible for guaranteed issue coverage solely due to the California Open Enrollment “Birthday Rule.” This change is for new AARP® Medicare Supplement insurance plan sales as of March 14, 2015.

According to the California “Birthday Rule,” an applicant may purchase a new Medicare Supplement plan without medical underwriting or a waiting period for pre-existing conditions during his/her individual birthday month when replacing another Medicare Supplement plan (including Medicare Select). The enrollment application must be received during the month prior to, during, or the month after the individual’s birthday month. In these instances where the applicant is eligible for Guaranteed Issue only due to the “Birthday Rule” in California, commission will be paid at 100% of the AARP® Medicare Supplement insurance plan’s commission schedule 65+ (this applies to all levels).

In California, if an applicant qualifies for guaranteed issue into a Medicare Supplement plan based on guaranteed issue criteria in addition to the birthday open enrollment rule, or for a situation not connected to the “Birthday Rule,” the enrollment application will be paid at 50% (applies to all levels) of the AARP® Medicare Supplement commission schedule 65+.

This change has been made to support the continued growth and success of AARP® Medicare Supplement insurance plans along with UnitedHealthcare's core focus on meeting consumers’ health care needs.