Growing Need for Dental Insurance Among Seniors

  • Originally published January 18, 2011 , last updated January 6, 2016
Growing Need for Dental Insurance Among Seniors

Lack of Medicare dental coverage, a growing senior population, and dental care–related medical concerns are increasing the demand for senior dental insurance, according to CSG Actuarial’s Competitive Intelligence Guide.

Some statistics from the report:

  • The 65–74-year-old population will increase from 6% in 2007 to 9% by 2050
  • The 75-year-old-and-older population will increase from 6% in 2007 to 11% in 2050
  • The percent of the senior population with a dental visit in the past year has risen 5.3% since 1997, with the largest increase being females 65 and over
  • Nearly 30% of aging adults in the U.S. possess untreated tooth decay
  • Approximately 25% of 65–74-year-olds are suffering from severe gum disease

These data point to the clear benefits of having dental insurance.

Dental insurance may not be a lucrative product for insurance agents to sell by itself. However, because it is cheap and the concept of dental insurance is familiar to seniors from their working years, many of our agents have found it is a great product to generate leads with. Using the dental conversation as a door opener, they can then cross-sell to their core products, like Medicare Supplement or life insurance.

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