How to Generate Leads for Final Expense

  • Originally published August 30, 2013 , last updated April 27, 2018

We get calls every day from agents who want to get into the final expense market. They see opportunity in a simple product and a simple sale. Unfortunately, many of them do not have success because they don’t understand the volume of leads you need to generate to be successful selling final expense.

Here are some options for generating leads for final expense sales.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is still the most effective method we know of for generating final expense leads. In fact, all of the agents we see who are truly successful selling final expense are regularly sending out card mailings.

Recommended: Legacy Safeguard offers a discount on a final expense card from Lead Concepts — $385 per 1,000 mailers. Learn more about Legacy Safeguard here.

National Guardian offers a final expense mailer through SouthWest Direct. Includes online ordering and list management. Call 1-800-968-5798 for details.

Other options: Senior Market Sales has formal agreements with several reputable mail houses.

  • Kramer Direct
  • Target Leads
  • Lead Strategies
  • Main Street PowerMAIL

Tip: Once you have your sales process and presentation down, commit to a regular mailing program where you’re sending a certain number of cards out every week or two. The mailings will pay for themselves and you’ll continue to reap the renewals for years to come.

Internet Leads

Though generally not as effective as direct mail leads, Internet leads are less expense, allowing you to work a greater volume of leads for the same amount of money.

Recommended: Benepath exclusive final expense leads — $29.95 for local leads, $24.95 for statewide leads.

Other options: Senior Market Sales has formal agreements with several reputable lead vendors.

  • Precise Leads
  • Health Plan One
  • ProspectZone
  • NetQuote

Tip: Pay the extra money for exclusive leads. Directly competing with other agents for the same lead is generally not a good use of your time.

Prospect Lists

If you’re interested in cold calling and you just need a list of names and numbers scrubbed against the do-not-call list, we can recommend a couple of options.

USAData — Lists for as low as $.04 per name depending on the demographics and information selected.

InfoFree — Offers unlimited names for $50 monthly membership.


If you’re working in the senior market, selling Medicare Supplement for example, you’re likely talking to good prospects for final expense every day. By asking one simple question at policy delivery you can transition into a conversation about their final expense needs.

Choosing the Right Product

Now that you’ve got some leads, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to sell them. Call about Senior Market Sales’ top final expense carriers and how they fit in your portfolio.

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