How to Get the Most From Your Illustrations

  • Originally published May 18, 2010 , last updated May 25, 2016

Are your illustrations working for you? Are they helping you close sales? Have you tried using the InsMark supplemental software?

If you answered no to any of those questions, you need to take a look at InsMark. InsMark is supplemental companion software that allows you to compare life insurance products to many other financial vehicles. With InsMark you're able to generate colorful graphs and charts as well as additional tabular detail such as internal rate of return.

This powerful software would cost you $499 to buy, plus an additional $29.95 a month. But it is available for FREE to NACOLAH agents! The software is available either by download from the North American Producer's InfoNet® at, or by direct install from your North American Illustration CD.

Once installed, the software runs seamlessly with your illustration software. You can open and run InsMark right from your illustration software viewer and it automatically pulls in the product information that you're working on for comparison.

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