Indexed Annuities Outperform the Index

  • Originally published February 16, 2011 , last updated March 20, 2018
Indexed Annuities Outperform the Index

A lot of people in the securities industry like to put indexed annuities down. Exhibit A: this hatchet job Forbes ran last year. While there are a host of reasons it is usually not a good idea to directly compare fixed indexed annuities to securities products, it is kind of fun, given the negative attention they have received, when you can show just how well these supposedly "bad" products have performed.

A recent article in Agent's Sales Journal did just that and showed how a fixed indexed annuity had outperformed the S&P over the last 10 years. It also showed how FIAs fared against other index funds and mutual funds.

While these findings are purely anecdotal and unscientific, several university studies hove shown that annuities have outperformed other savings and investment strategies.

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