Introducing National Western Life Insurance Company®

  • Originally published January 22, 2013 , last updated December 31, 2015
Introducing National Western Life Insurance Company®

Senior Market Sales is proud to announce the addition of National Western to our annuity portfolio. Where will National Western’s diverse lineup of indexed annuity products fit in your product portfolio?

Check out these unique product features:

  • Up to 10% premium bonus on the NWL Ultra Future®
  • Ask us about the Income Outlook Plus 5 income rider
  • Ask us about the commission on the NWL Ultra Classic®
  • Ask us about the uncapped crediting strategy available on the NWL Global Lookback®
  • Electronic application process — no paper or ink signature

Request a National Western Contract

With these unique product features, we don’t think you’ll have any trouble finding cases where National Western is the right fit.

Plus, National Western is A-rated by A.M. Best and an “A” (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s with stellar financials. It is also a Ward’s 500 company.

Call SMS at 1-877-645-4939 for more information on National Western and how to get contracted!

For agent use only. This document has not been approved under the advertisement laws of you state for dissemination to individual purchasers. The NWL Ultra Future®, NWL Ultra Classic®, and NWL Global Lookback® are issued by National Western Life Insurance Company®, Austin, TX. See policy for details. Products may not be approved in all states. Certain limitations and exclusion apply. All rates are subject to change.