Lead Nurturing Tips for Insurance Agents

  • Originally published January 6, 2011 , last updated May 27, 2016

What do you do when someone isn’t ready to buy right now? Write them off and move on to riper fruit? Hopefully not. Lead nurturing is the process of taking someone from the “interested but not ready to buy” status and moving them to “ready to close.”

Lead nurturing is the process of setting up meaningful dialogue points to build trust with a qualified prospect over time. What you don’t want it to be during this process is the “salesman” calling up every few weeks to see if the prospect is ready to buy. You want to become someone they trust and someone who is perceived has bringing value to the table.

 Lead Nurturing Tips:

  • Offer something for nothing. If they’re age 70 or above, and they’re taking RMDs, send them an informational article or booklet on RMD strategies. Then follow up later to see if they found it helpful. Offering something for nothing is great for getting over the trust hurdle, but it’s also a practice you should strive to continue even after the lead becomes a long-term client.
  • Continually demonstrate your understanding of the prospect’s problems, needs and goals. The more they feel like you understand their needs, the more likely they are to trust the solutions you eventually offer.
  • Demonstrate your expertise. Offer advice over the phone. Send an article or white paper you wrote that addresses a topic relating to them.

Typical lead nurturing activities could include sending letters; e-mailing articles, white papers, case studies, etc.; phone conversations and voicemails; or invitations to events, such as webinars, live seminars or workshops. Whatever activity you choose, the emphasis also has to be on adding value.

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