Life Agents Refine Their Sales Skills at Advanced Sales Forum

  • Originally published October 31, 2012 , last updated March 20, 2018
  • Advanced Sales Forum
Life Agents Refine Their Sales Skills at Advanced Sales Forum

First annual Advanced Sales Forum offers training and networking opportunities for life insurance agents; gets rave reviews.

Senior Market Sales hosted nearly 20 life insurance producers from all over the country on October 22 and 23 for our first annual Advanced Sales Forum, which as organized and presented in partnership with United of Omaha. Feedback from those who attended has been so positive we’re planning on making it an annual event (tentatively looking at August 2013 — look for details in the coming months).

Attendees spent day one at Mutual of Omaha learning sales concepts and fact finding techniques from Mutual of Omaha’s Advanced Markets team. Day two was at the Senior Market Sales home office where Joe Elsasser and Bill Kauffman walked the agents through Social Security planning, income planning and life planning concepts. See full agenda here.

Our goals for this program were threefold:

  1. Offer advanced market training that offered value for both novice and experienced agents
  2. Give agents an opportunity to network and learn from other agents
  3. Get you to know our agents better, so Senior Market Sales can better meet their needs

Judging by the feedback we’ve received from those who attended, the event was a great success.

“It was a great time, not only was it professional and I did learn in greater detail many things that I had previously been exposed to, but it felt like I was among friends which was pretty neat. Thanks.”

“You guys did a top notch job...totally impressed with the professionalism and feeling of support behind the scenes. By the way, I ordered up 50 of Mutual of Omaha's Senior Fact Finders after seeing how valuable the information is that they uncover!”

“The information was topic specific and I felt like I could apply it to my business immediately!”

“I felt like I learned a lot during this meeting, as a younger agent it was nice to be around agents who have been in this business much longer than I.”

“I felt that the information was delivered incredibly well...I certify several times yearly for different things and find it tedious and get distracted. My focus was kept squarely on the subject matter. Truly a great job! I feel like I have a great support staff behind me.”

If you missed this great event, don’t worry. Next year will be even better. Call our Life Department if you’re interested in any of the topics on the agenda. 1-877-888-9996.