Life Insurance Awareness Month Resources for NACOLAH Agents

  • Originally published August 16, 2010 , last updated January 15, 2018
Life Insurance Awareness Month Resources for NACOLAH Agents

Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) is just around the corner, and NACOLAH has created some marketing pieces to help you take full advantage of this once-a-year opportunity:

Customizable LIAM postcard mailer

These materials are available for you to order through your normal supply channels.

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Each September, the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) coordinates Life Insurance Awareness Month to remind Americans of the need to make life insurance part of their financial planning. Get more information on LIAM.

LIFE has put together a LIAM Producer Toolkit to make it easy for you to put together a high-impact, LIAM marketing program, and to do it with relatively little effort.

The 2010 LIAM Producer Toolkit includes:

  • Marketing sales ideas
  • Three different marketing themes
  • Customizable emails
  • Webinars
  • Online resources
  • E-cards
  • Downloadable flyers
  • Logos
  • Customizable news releases
  • Giveaway trip to Aruba
  • Videos — including the Public Service Announcement by LIAM spokesperson — actress, Leslie Bibb

How do you plan to capitalize on Life Insurance Awareness Month?