Low Income Subsidies Part 2: How to Apply

  • Originally published May 10, 2012 , last updated November 30, 2016
  • Medicare
Low Income Subsidies Part 2: How to Apply

In part one of this three part series about Low-Income Subsidies (LIS), we discussed what the LIS program is and who is eligible for it. Now that you have identified potential clients, we will discuss the steps to take to help your clients apply for LIS.

Submitting an application does not enroll your client in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. It is an application for extra help only to pay for monthly premiums, annual deductibles and co-payments related to the Medicare Prescription Drug program. However, your clients must be enrolled in a Medicare Prescription Drug plan to get this extra help.

Steps to apply:

  1. Choose a drug plan provider — whether they qualify for extra help or not, they must enroll with a plan provider to get prescription drug coverage.
  2. Get an application for extra help — your client may have already received one in the mail, if not they are available from the Social Security Administration and there is also an online application.
  3. Submit the application — applications may be submitted either by mail or online.

Did they qualify?

After the application is received either by mail or online, it will take up to eight weeks to find out if they have qualified for extra help. If your client does qualify, they will receive an award letter from the government stating this.

If they receive Medicare and Medicaid or fall into one of these other high-need categories, they are automatically eligible and do not need to apply.

  • Receive both Medicare and Medicaid
  • Receive both Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and have Medicare
  • Medicare premiums paid by the state

Some of our agents are actually targeting this market with considerable success. While this market isn’t for everyone, many have found that helping low income people get the extra help they need often results in a loyal client for life.

If you’re interested in targeting this market, you can rent lists from SMS based on age and income to find these LIS prospects. Contact a marketing consultant for details. 1-877-645-0147.