Low-Income Subsidies Part 3: How to Market to LIS-Eligible Clients

  • Originally published May 23, 2012 , last updated January 12, 2016
  • Coventry, Medicare
Low-Income Subsidies Part 3: How to Market to LIS-Eligible Clients

In part one and part two of our series on Low-Income Subsidies, we discussed how to identify LIS-eligible clients and how to help them get the benefits they need. Part three will offer some ideas for how to market these services and let prospective and existing clients know that you can assist them with extra benefits.

Client Presentations — More than nine million (16%) Medicare beneficiaries are Medicare-Medicaid dual-eligibles. These low-income beneficiaries are often eligible for extra benefits, yet many don’t even know they qualify. Make it part of your presentations to raise awareness of these extra benefits and let the prospect know you can run a free report for them at www.BenefitsCheckup.com/Coventry to see if they qualify. Of the beneficiaries who completed a free online screening in 2011, 80% qualified for one or more programs; the average value of benefits was $2,700.

Direct Mail — Coventry has a direct mail piece designed specifically for low-income prospects that says “Look forward to money-saving programs that can help you with your expenses.” You as the agent can deliver on this promise by walking prospects through the Benefits Checkup tool that Coventry has made available through its partnership with the National Council on Aging: www.Benefitscheckup.org/Coventry.

Flyers — Coventry has a promotional flyer you can use as a leave-behind at appointments or place in common areas of low-income or subsidized housing facilities. See below to learn more about getting permission to market at such places.

Seminars — You could also host educational events at low-income or subsidized housing facilities to raise awareness of the extra benefits that are available and your willingness to help beneficiaries complete a screening using the Benefits Checkup tool.

Click here to download a compliance bulletin from UnitedHealthcare offering guidance on how to market at low-income or subsidized housing facilities. Important note: You cannot use the words “Low-Income Subsidy” in your marketing. If you decide to develop your own marketing pieces, make sure you get carrier approval.