Med Supp Opportunities During MADP: Rate Sheets Available!

  • Originally published January 7, 2013 , last updated March 20, 2018

Med Supp Rate Sheets for MADP. Download Now!

Download exclusive rate sheets comparing F, G, N and High Deductible F in every state.

The Medicare Advantage Disenrollment Period (MADP), which runs from January 1 to February 14, gives Medicare Advantage (MA) members an opportunity to return to Original Medicare. To learn more about allowable actions during MAPD, click here.

If you have clients or prospects who are taking advantage of this time frame to make changes, this is a great time for you to talk to them about Medicare Supplement and Part D to help cover their costs.

But what carriers and what plans should you be talking about? Here are the top rated MedSupp plans broken down by state and carrier compiled for you by SMS Associate Director of Medicare Supplement Roger Marvel:

Choice 1: High Deductible F provides the lowest premium and the rates and benefits might convince you it is the plan of choice for an MA client.

Choice 2: Plan N offers low premium with copays similar to an MA.

Choice 3: Plan G gives the benefits of an F, minus the Part B Deductible, but with a lower premium.

Choice 4: Plan F is the most popular plan.If they can pay the premium, then it provides the best benefit.