Medicare Answers: Medigap Premiums & Plan F

  • Originally published December 26, 2012 , last updated December 23, 2014
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Medicare Answers: Medigap Premiums & Plan F

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This week Roger tackles two questions.

A Florida agent asks:

If one drops their Medigap before Dec. 7 and signs up for Medicare Advantage, can they drop the Medicare Advantage in January and return to their Medigap at the same premium?

The answer depends. They can drop the Medicare Advantage and go back to original Medicare under the Medicare Disenrollment Period. As far as the premium amount goes, it would hinge on two things: Are they the same age as when they dropped the Medicare Supplement and does that Medicare Supplement still have the same premium?

An Agent from the blog asks:

What will become of the Medigap plans with Obamacare, especially Plan F? What are your recommendations?

Obamacare does not affect Medicare Supplement plans as they pay if Medicare pays.Perhaps what you're really asking is, "what is the future of Plan F if all of the Washington studies and talks of eliminating first dollar coverage are actually implemented?" So far it is just talk. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners opposes putting up-front deductibles on Medicare Supplements. As for my recommendations, today I would start selling Plan G if the carrier understands that the rate has to be lower than the Plan B deductible to make it a good buy. I think the Plan B deductible is going to rise at a faster pace in future years, which will put Plan G in the driver's seat.