Medicare Answers: When to Use a Scope of Appointment Form

  • Originally published October 2, 2012 , last updated December 23, 2014
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Medicare Answers: When to Use a Scope of Appointment Form

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This week's question deals with when to use a Scope of Appointment form.

Aaron in CT asks:

I have certified with AHIP and my other carriers but still have one question of you. Do I have to use a “Scope of Appointment” form if I present Medicare Supplement?


Thank you for the question. This is something we hear quite often. The answer depends a lot on what your intentions are to discuss with the client.

  • If your appointment was based only on Medicare Supplement, a SOA is not required.
  • If the discussion in your interview moves to either MA or PDP, a SOA should be completed and a new appointment scheduled. The 48 hour waiting period does apply.

Any time your appointment involves Medicare Advantage or Prescription Drug Plans, a Scope of Appointment Form should be completed. These forms are available from you MA or PDP carrier.

One exception to this rule is if you make a referral. Many of the PDP carriers have referral programs. In this situation you can only give them the 800 number with your agent information (if you have a referral contract). No discussion about PDP can take place without a SOA.