Mutual of Omaha Plan N Underwriting and Application Changes

  • Originally published February 21, 2011 , last updated January 12, 2016
  • Mutual of Omaha
Mutual of Omaha Plan N Underwriting and Application Changes

Pending approval of a new application, all Plan N applicants will be subject to normal underwriting requirements for tobacco rates and height/weight rate ups among other requirements.

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The underwriting requirements for Plan N are being standardized for all Mutual, United World and United of Omaha states where Plan N is currently offered.

The planned changes to the underwriting requirements for Medicare supplement Plan N enrollments will still offer a meaningful alternative to a fully underwritten Medicare supplement product. These actions should also help to limit the impact of the claim experience for Plan N new business as well as lessen future rate increases.

These underwriting changes required the filing and approval of a new Medicare supplement application. The time frame for implementation of these underwriting changes is contingent on the approval of the new application. The new application has been approved and is available for use immediately in the following states:

Mutual of Omaha — Florida and Washington
United of Omaha — Nevada

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