New Annexus Product Compliant With Florida S 2176

  • Originally published January 20, 2011 , last updated December 31, 2015
  • Annexus
New Annexus Product Compliant With Florida S 2176

When a new law, FL S 2176, limiting surrender charges on annuity products sold to seniors went into effect January 1, 2011, it meant the Balanced Allocation Annuity 12 could no longer be sold in Florida to consumers age 65 and older.

Learn more about FL S 2176 here.

Annexus and Aviva have reacted quickly, releasing two new products specifically for Florida that are compliant with the new law.

New Florida Products

Florida BAA 8

  • 8-year Surrender Period
  • 4% bonus (step-up rule — credited at the end of the twelfth year)
  • Income rider and family endowment rider available

Florida BAA 10

  • 10-year surrender period
  • 7% bonus (step-up rule — credited at the end of the twelfth year)
  • Income rider and family endowment rider available

Both products will be available January 28, 2011

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