New Annuity Illustration Tool: Total Benefits of Ownership

  • Originally published August 5, 2011 , last updated October 21, 2015
  • Annexus
New Annuity Illustration Tool: Total Benefits of Ownership

Recent enhancements have strengthened the Income Advantage Calculator as a powerful point-of-sale presentation piece. Now our Annexus agents can illustrate the principal protection, accumulation potential, wealth transfer capabilities and income payout for the BalancedAllocation Annuity (BAA), showing the Total Benefits of Ownership (TBO) all in one illustration!

See a sample illustration output here.

TBO is a sales concept that makes a simple assumption: your clients are looking for more than just income from an annuity. So an annuity or illustration that focuses only on building the largest income stream is a lost opportunity to show your clients that you truly have a full grasp of their total financial picture and you’re proposing a product that covers all the bases.

Generally, your clients are looking for four benefits from an annuity:

  1. Principal Protection
  2. Accumulation
  3. Wealth Transfer
  4. Income

More than any other annuity, the BAA delivers on these four benefits. Now, with these recent enhancements, you can illustrate that fact to your clients using the Income Advantage Calculator. Our agents have had tremendous results with this illustration in the field because it allows you to walk your client step-by-step, showing this is what happens to your principal, this is your guaranteed income stream, this is your accumulation value (guaranteed or non-guaranteed values) and this is what will be left after you die. It’s a powerful story to tell your clients.

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