New Book Offers Social Security Wisdom for Clients and Advisors

  • Originally published September 26, 2013 , last updated December 31, 2015
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New Book Offers Social Security Wisdom for Clients and Advisors

If you are currently incorporating Social Security planning into your practice or are considering it, you need to read the new book “Social Security Essentials: Smart Ways to Boost Your Retirement Income.”

The book was co-authored by Joe Elsasser, CFP, creator of Social Security Timing software and director of advisory services for Senior Market Sales, and Dean Barber, president of Barber Financial Group, whose practice grew AUM last year by more than $100 million using Social Security planning as their primary source of new clients.

Though it is written to educate consumers on the importance and complexity of Social Security, “Social Security Essentials” is perfect for advisors who are thinking about getting into this space. It will help you learn how advisors who are doing Social Security planning successfully are talking about it with their clients. It also includes case studies, checklists, and explanations of important planning concepts, including the earnings test, spousal benefits, family maximum provisions and tax considerations.

Many advisors are buying the book not only to educate themselves, but also to give to their clients. We’ve seen many bulk orders of 25 – 100 copies by advisors this week.

Buy “Social Security Essentials” today to get:

  • Illustrations to help you understand Social Security timing, calculations and strategies
  • Tips to help you make sure your clients maximize their benefits
  • Answers to your clients’ most difficult questions
  • Wisdom from professionals who are doing Social Security planning

Many advisors are buying bulk orders of 25 – 100 copies to give to their clients.

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