New Program Shows Professionals How to Turn Social Security Advice Into Business Growth

  • Originally published August 20, 2014 , last updated October 14, 2020

Most insurance agents and financial advisors know that today’s savvy consumers expect guidance on when to claim Social Security, yet these professionals struggle with how to make their free advice on the government benefit a profitable part of their business. Senior Market Sales® (SMS) developed Total Social Security to help independent insurance and financial professionals identify their clients’ best Social Security claiming strategies and guide advisors on how to incorporate Social Security into overall retirement plans that address retirees’ fear of running out of money.

“Total Social Security is the first program to give independent insurance and financial professionals everything they need to offer Social Security advice as a value-added service, whether their goal is to grow assets under management or increase production,” said Bill Kauffman, SMS’ vice president of financial planning. “They get an easy, efficient way to identify clients’ best Social Security claiming options, pinpoint where their retirement income will fall short, and then identify specific products – annuities, long-term care or life insurance solutions — that fill those income gaps.”

Total Social Security is available exclusively to financial advisors and insurance agents who contract with SMS and meet certain production requirements. Those who sign up for the program get access to:

  • Award-winning, patented software that does the complicated calculations to find the best claiming strategies and identify gaps where clients’ Social Security benefits fall short of their expected retirement lifestyle
  • Training, including webinars and live events
  • Live support from two teams of experts – one that answers questions about Social Security and one that advises how to incorporate Social Security planning into an overall retirement plan
  • Marketing materials to promote Social Security planning as a service

SMS developed Total Social Security to meet the growing demand from retirement plan advisors for Social Security support. Other insurance marketing organizations provide individual pieces of Social Security support to professionals, but only SMS has nearly three decades of expertise in the senior and insurance markets and the resources to put all the pieces together to create a process that works so successfully, Kauffman said.

“Social Security’s complexity is intimidating. Total Social Security gives professionals who are not Social Security experts the necessary tools and resources to serve the growing client demand for Social Security advice,” he said. “But more importantly, it connects the dots so consumers easily see their retirement picture and are more likely to act on advisors’ solutions to address their fear about running out of money in retirement.” For more information, visit

About Senior Market Sales®
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